Thursday, October 6, 2011

Balloon Wreath

Have you seen these around?
I have seen them at a few craft shows lately. Thought it was pretty cute so I made one for Ella's birthday party. Very easy!
Here is what ya need:
straw wreath
balloons [lots]
stapler or tacks

{Here is what it looked like when I was 3/4 of the way done}
Just staple each balloon in the middle of the balloon so it folds in half. Cover the front and sides of the wreath so that when you look at it from the front you don't see the straw.
Easy Huh?
Pretty cheap and easy. Great for any party or baby showers! Ella's birthday was rainbow themed so I used every color but these wreaths would be very cute with specific colors like blue, green & orange (for a baby boy shower) You get the idea....

Try it!

Here was her cake:

It was a whole family effort!
Everyone was very excited about this cake so they all helped, Ella did the icing, Mason tried to eat it every chance he could while we were putting it together & Daddy added the layers! This is the first year I have done a home made cake for a birthday [usually I go CRAZY and all out for birthdays] This was a lot of fun though. I think we will be making birthday cakes at home from now on!

Here is my big 5 year old a few days after her birthday on her way to her very first slumber party! My goodness they grow up fast. She is so Cute!!! I am in love with that sweet 5 year old!

Wednesday, October 5, 2011

Tea dyed onesies

Wyatt will be here soon!
I am busy getting things ready for his arrival. I pulled out some of Mason's newborn onesies that were a little stained and dyed them with Tea! Good old Tea! Then I added some vintage buttons to this one. I dyed a couple and added some grey elephants! [cause I'm still in love with grey elephants] 

Cute huh?
I think so too!!!

Here is a tutorial from Simple Simon & co {A blog that I love love love, these ladies are super duper talented} You should check em out & follow them! Follow me while your at it...PUH-LEASE!

Have a GREAT day!
Go dye something with TEA!