Friday, April 29, 2011

Got a Fever?

Fever Fighter

If you didn't know I am kind of an aspiring herbalist. I wanted to share my latest Victory over Fever! Last Friday Mason had a pretty high fever. My mother in law was watching him while I took Ella on a Mommy Daughter Date. When our date was over we picked Mason up and my mil told me she took his temperature and it was 102. We came home and right away I started making a herbal medicine for him. I used equal parts Yarrow flowers, elderberries, and peppermint, simmered in glycerin for 2 hours. It had to cool to room temp for about an hour. In the mean time Mason was asleep in my bed and was burning up. I'm sure it went up from when my mil took his temp. but we don't use a thermometer here. To me it doesn't matter if a fever is 100 or 104 I want to get to the bottom of it and get rid of it! FYI: Fever is a symptom not the problem. Usually in little children a fever is a result of a bowl obstruction. After the medicine was cooled I gave him two small doses. Within an hour or so the fever was completely GONE! The next morning Mason had one nasty diaper, But he felt great and back to his healthy self! The herbal medicine {glycerite} filled two bottles and is shelf stable for 2 years. So next time one of my Little's has a fever it's ready to go and I won't have to bother making it again.


I can not stress the importance of alternative medicine. God put us on this earth, surely he gave us what we need to overcome illness. 

Thursday, April 28, 2011

Bet ya didn't know....

What is the most toxic food we consume?

Yup, Strawberries!

I have only been sharing fun paint and craft projects but haven't shared much wisdom lately. Strawberries are the most toxic food we Americans consume. Why is that? Well most of our strawberries come from California. The state of California made it legal to use Methyl Iodide on strawberry crops. Scientist consider this to be "The most dangerous chemical known to man." So why would it be legal to spray it on our strawberries we eat?

Here is some info from a health website,

It’s springtime again and soon it will be summer and children across the country will be enjoying one of their favorite fruits — strawberries. Unfortunately, due to a poor decision last year by the California Department of Pesticide Regulation and outgoing Governor Arnold Schwarzenegger, America’s children will continue to be exposed to the toxic pesticide methyl iodide. [1]
Known as “one of the most toxic chemicals on earth”, methyl iodide is a proven cancer causing agent as well as an endocrine disruptor and powerful neurotoxin. Allowing it to be sprayed on one of America’s favorite fruits will endanger our children who eat them, farm workers and local residents in California.
Already banned in New York and Washington because of its toxic properties, the Environmental Protection Agency (EPA) is now reviewing the 2007 Bush era decision to approve methyl iodide for agricultural usage. The EPA is asking for comments from the American public in helping them make the decision on whether or not to ban this toxic chemical for agricultural use.
More than 50 scientists criticized the 2007 approval stating that the review process was hidden from the public and the focus of the research was too limited. There is little left to debate on the safety and necessity for this chemical use.

Here is some info from

NaturalNews) In a time of intense propaganda about food safety, California recently approved the use of a chemical regularly used to create cancer in lab animals for use on strawberries that will be shipped around the world. The chemical is methyl iodide and some scientists call it the most dangerous chemical known to man. Scientists use protective gear when using it in the lab because of the cancer risk and the chemical's easy ability to damage our DNA. Of course, damaged DNA leads to problems for the holder of that DNA, and for all future generations that inherit it too. The chemical is also known to cause brain and reproductive damage, so it's a move that California has made to ensure strawberries will be about as unsafe as possible.

It's also a move that calls into question what exactly food safety is all about. In a lot of minds, having produce that isn't grown in a toxic soup of poisons would be a very logical first step. Getting rid of factory farms that improperly feed and drug the animals, pollute the air and water, and turn out diseased animals would be another logical step. Instead, the government supports these activities and allows even more toxic chemicals into our food supply, like methyl iodide - in spite of consumer and scientific community protest.

I don't want you to take my word for it, look it up for yourself. Always do your own research!

So what should you do? Always VOTE! buy from local farmers or grow your own!

Please know what you are putting in your mouth!

Current projects!

There is always something going on around the Hatley House.
Take a look:

Ella's new desk. {desk was free, paint left over from her playroom=AWESOME!} There is chalkboard paint on top & drawer labels

closer view

even closer so you can get a look at the drawer label

Ella testing out the chalkboard paint. She loves it!

Here is my next painting project. This is an awesome bench and I have great things planned for him. {and yes this is a Him} The bench seat actually raises for storage inside. YAY! I will paint him and cover the seat. Stay tuned!

This guy is for sale! I love him very much but there is NO room in my house for him. I'm sad but I promised him I would find him a good home with a great family that would cherish him. It really is an amazing piece of furniture. [I'm just bad at taking pictures, cause this picture does NOT do it justice] It's called a dry sink. It actually matches my buffet, which I heart. It has a pull out drawer and two cabinets. This is one solid piece ladies. If you are interested let me know.

another example of my horrible picture taking.....

Happy furniture hunting!

Our growing garden

Here is our Growing Garden
soon we will have lots of goodies! We are So excited!

we planted everything from seed, except the tomatoes {we cheated and bought them from frobergs}



cherry tomatoes


Ella with a fresh picked strawberry
{isn't she adorable?}

Mason: typical for him to be in his boots digging in the garden with a stick
{this little guy has my heart}

I hope you have planted something, even if it's one plant in a pot. There is something about planting a vegetable/fruit/flower with your own hands and watching it grow that is so amazingly rewarding!

Happy Gardening!

Thursday, April 21, 2011

Resurrection Cookies-> the reason for this season*

*To make the resurrection story come alive, make sure to start this recipe on Saturday night, right before Easter morning.

Here is what you need:
1 cup whole pecans
1 tsp. white vinegar
3 large egg whites
pinch of salt
1 cup of white sugar
wax paper
plastic bag with zip closure
wooden spoon
masking tape

Preheat the oven to 300 degrees.
  1. place the pecans in the bag and close. Read John 19:1-3. Let the children take on the role as the Roman soldiers by using the wooden spoon to beat the bag of whole pecans, break them into very small pieces while shouting "Hail, Jesus! King of the Jews!"
  2. Next, read John 19:28-30. When Jesus became thirsty He was given vinegar to drink. Have the kids smell the vinegar. Place it in a large mixing bowl.
  3. Add the egg whites into the bowl. Eggs represent new life. Jesus willingly gave up His life to bring new life to us. Read John 10:10
  4. Read Luke 23:26-27. Give each child a tiny pinch of salt. Let them taste some then brush the rest in the bowl. This represents the salty tears Jesus' followers shed.
  5. The ingredients so far aren't very appealing. Egg whites are bland, vinegar is sour, and salt isn't good by itself. Now comes the sweet part of the story! Jesus died because of His love for us! Dump in one cup of sugar as you read Psalm 34:8 and John 3:16
  6. Beat with a mixer on high speed for 12-15 minutes until stiff peaks are formed. The whiteness represents the purity of those who have been cleansed from sin. Read Isaiah 1:18
  7. Gently fold in the pecans. Drop heaping teaspoons of batter onto a cookie sheet lined with wax paper. Read Matthew 27:57-60. Each mound represents the rocky tomb where Jesus' body was laid.
  8. Read Matthew 27:62-66. Jesus' tomb was sealed tightly shut. Place the cookies into the oven, close the door, and turn OFF the oven. Give each child a piece of masking tape and have them help seal the oven shut.
  9. Now it's bedtime. Your child may feel sad to leave the cookies in the oven overnight, just as Jesus' followers were sorrowful when the tomb was sealed shut. While tucking the kids into bed read John 16:20-22.
On Easter morning, open the oven and remove the cookies. Notice the cracked surface. Take a bite. THE COOKIES ARE HOLLOW! On the first Easter morning, the disciples were amazed to find the tomb was open and EMPTY. Read Matthew 28:1-10

Finish with prayer, thank God for His incredible plan of salvation!


Tuesday, April 19, 2011

It's coming along...

Many have asked so now I'm showing you....
Here is what I am doing.... I really can't believe I am showing you these things before I am done (YUCK!) but many of you have asked what I am up to it is....
{I am Super-D-Duper excited that so many are interested, blesses my little heart to know someone actually reads this!!!}

[{(This POST will show you all kinds of things going on At The Hatley House)}]

I have been a Busy little painter....

Ella's Room:
 Here is Ella's bed with the quilt her great great grandmother handmade. Check out the PINK walls! I am going to sew some extra fabric {that looks just like the bed skirt} to the quilt to make it a little bit longer, this quilt was probably made for a twin bed not a full. I think it will be cute cause it will create a ruffle effect!

Here is another view of Ella's bed. Did I mention this bed was Jessie's mom's when she was a little girl? well it sure is! It has been sitting in the exact room she grew up in until a few months ago. Neat huh? 

This is Ella's playroom {Yes, she has her own playroom off of her room, i know...crazy her room is almost as big as ours!} This room is painted a very pale pink. I am going to stencil this wall using the darker pink (color of her bedroom) I will do this next week. I am still looking for the right stencil. 

 This is a wall in Ella's room. All white picture frames, all her art work. -Pretend that dresser is gone & the mess on it- The dresser is actually a changing table. We are moving it into our bedroom nook and PAINTING it, because we are expecting again!!!

This is Ella's tee-pee via canton! She wanted me to add this. It's been a lot of fun and folds up nicely to save room!


I am so excited about this!
It's a pie safe from Jessie's great uncle. I am almost finished painting it! The paint was left over from a project my mil was doing a year ago. AWESOME color huh? So total this project was &FREE$
which makes it that much More prettier!
I will post a picture when it is completed. I still can't believe I am showing you all my mess!

This is Mason's new chair so he can join us at the table. This was actually Jessie's grandmothers highchair from when she was a baby! Cool huh?

These are the drapes my friend Stephanie Raye Ngo gave me! I just had to do some hemming and TADA amazing! What a sweet friend huh? She has an amazing blog as well check it out HERE

This was on sale at HL for 2 dollars so I bought it. I'm gonna do something with it, just dunno yet. And yes it is really hanging on my door like this! HAH!

Jessie brought this table back with him one day from visiting his great uncle, because he wanted something to put his drink on! haha Every time we visit his great uncle or grandmother we never leave without something! They are such givers! It's a huge blessing, and sometimes quite funny the stuff they give....
So I'm thinking...when you see this table again it might be purple. We shall see

This is the other side of our bed. A awesome looking trunk and a record player that looks like a suitcase! Neat huh? I really like this! It's missing something....maybe I will find a great lamp? who knows!

This is one of my favorite areas in the house. It's our "Mud room area" I love the way the window looks like a craftsman window. Jessie added the piece of wood with the hangers. We had the trunk (on sale at target) which holds all of our shoes, and the shelf was given to us guessed it Jessie's great uncle! I just painted it white!

Here is the twin window and shelf on the other side of the back door. I love these shelves. I saw this in a Martha Stewart magazine and literally these shelves had been laying on the floor for a week while we stepped on, over, around them before I saw this GREAT idea for them! Oh and that piece of furniture you also see in the picture, well it's another record player! It's a big one and awesome! We have three total and they all work!

Oh my goodness are you ready for this one?
Check this out! Isn't it AMAZING? I LOVE LOVE LOVE this couch!
Steph found it at goodwill and took it home and it was too big for where she was wanting it to go. So sad for her, I told her I would buy it and she could come visit it at my house that way she could still see it. ha ha ha I know we're nerds. So guess how much this was? whatever you're thinking you are WRONG! Cause it was 30 dollars! HAH! I know!

This is what it looks like up close:
One word: YUMMY

There you have it, all the crafty crafts going on At The Hatley House. I hope you enjoyed this Mess of a sneak peak! I will post pictures of the finished projects! Sorry It has taken so long (I only have million things I'm working on at one time!) but now you know what I have been doing!

There are many many many more crafts & redoes & re-purposing to come...

Hope something has inspired you!

Saturday, April 16, 2011

411 on the Hatley House Lately

A lot has been going on around here and I'm sorry to admit that my pride and joy blog has taken the blunt end of things.  There are many crafty crafts going on so I promise it is worth the wait. All crafts aside we have just been stinkin BUSY {I know, as if we are the only ones}

This past week alone, within 3 days I went to two services to mourn/remember two sweet babies that went to see Jesus far before their time. My heart has been so heavy this week for those mothers. A mothers worst nightmare is to loose a child. One sweet baby was my nephew Mitchell Beaux Hatley, he was only here 6 short days but my goodness was he loved so much in that short period of time. He left behind a twin sister Charlotte. The other baby was my dearest friend Kim's little girl, Adelaide (don't you just LOVE her name!) She was precious beyond belief. My friend Kim and her husband Jared make the prettiest children! Adelaide was 3 months old when she went to Heaven. She also leaves behind a twin brother Jacob, big brother Asher and big sister Evangeline (I know, all great names huh?) If you could join me in prayer for both these families, they would greatly appreciate it.

If only my anguish could be weighed and all my misery be placed on the scales! It would surely outweigh the sand of the seas- Job 6:2-3

He heals the brokenhearted and binds up their wounds. Psalms 147:3

I do have many things I want to share with you in the next few days that I think you will enjoy (or at least I hope you will)
For today this is it.
Find a way to be a blessing to someone today.
PRAY for someone other than yourself {God loves to hear his children pray for each other}


Saturday, April 9, 2011

Sweet Dolls

These are my "Sweet Dolls" (also known as wooden peg dolls) We kinda gave them the sweet doll name. I bought the little wooden people at HL and painted them then put little dresses on them! Aren't they Sweet? {hints the name}
These are a little under 3 inches tall so they are great for little hands, and fit in little pockets! Ella MUST take something with her every time we leave the house, these make the PERFECT take-a-long toy! They are small, quite & require imagination---> All of which I love!
[Plus Barbie's are not allowed as a play toy here at the Hatley house and these are a great Sub]

 My sweet dear friend Stephanie [who has an amazing blog of her own, so check it out  HERE]
Gave this to us {old skool fisher price school house she scored at an antique shop} and the Sweet Dolls fit PERFECTLY! How wonderfully amazing is that?

See! They fit PERFECTLY!

Now this is FUNNY, this is a side view of the school house. See the people? They totally look like they could be related to our Sweet Dolls! HAH! GET OUT! This was just icing on the cake! What a Great match, like it was sent from Heaven!

So make some sweet dolls of your own, or you can ask me for them! If you are a close friend and have little girls I am Sure you will be getting some soon!

Friday, April 8, 2011

I know I promised....

We are not done quite yet with Ella's room BUT I will give you a sneaky peak!
Sorry I can't share it all with you but I promise you will enjoy this....

Here is Ella's dresser, we painted it white and then sanded the sides to give it a distressed look. I LOVE IT! Here is an UP close of all the knobs....are you ready? Oh My Goodness this is you go....

Aren't they WONDERFUL? I think so too!

Here is another up close to show how we used sand paper to create the perfect look

Here is a bed post to show the paint once again. The paint actually crackled on it's own which was an added BONUS!

This is a Bonnet girl quilt: HAND made by Ella's GREAT GREAT grandmother!
That's right, I said great great!
Isn't that awesome! My mother in law (Janie) gave this to Ella. Her Grannie made it for her when she was a little girl. I am so incredibly blessed to have married into a family like Jessie's. My mother in law has kept everything that was ever given to her or made for her from past generations of loved ones. It's so special. I'm so thankful my children will have treasures like this. WOW!

Monday, April 4, 2011

Big Week=Lots of projects & LOTS of paint!

I will not be posting much throughout the week, but I will have a few good ones hopefully to share by the end of the week. Some Fun exciting things going on over here!!! Can't wait to share them with you! So, Stay tune!!!