Thursday, May 19, 2011

Some tips*

Perk up cut herbs! Instead of putting them in the fridge with the rest of the produce, out them in a glass of water or vase. Treat them like fresh cut flowers. They will perk right up, last longer and look pretty cute out in the kitchen. This is cilantro (I could add it to anything, and pretty much do!)

here is before:
See how it's wilted here.
To the left is some mint Ella picked too much the other day, so we just put the extra in a little bitty vase and it will stay good until we use it! {Pss...the the right is a cherry tomato from our garden, Ella picked it when it was still pretty green so I placed it in the window seal to riped}

Hang your bananas, they will last longer!

Ants in your garden?

Ants HATE  whole cloves, orange juice, & peppermint
We haven't used any pesticides on our garden, it's all organic!
To keep ants away I will place whole cloves around the perimeter of our garden or spray orange juice around the boarder or spray diluted peppermint extract around the boarder or crush peppermints and sprinkle them around the garden. None of these can harm your plants and the ants will be gone!

That's all I have for now. more to come I'm sure!

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