Monday, May 16, 2011

Bench & stool makeover

I would like to introduce to you..

this guy:
Yes, I finally got around to redoing the bench I posted a while back. I also picked up a stool at an antique store in Corsicana last week. Take a look see...

Before:  Not cute at all but has a lot of potential. The seat rises up for storage inside! Great for shoes!!!

First: unscrew & remove the cushion

Then: I recovered the seat. This was my first ever upholstery job, it went pretty well!
Have I mentioned we don't have a garage? Well we don't so this is where I paint. Friends have stopped by and I feel like I'm a hoarder cause my house has furniture all over the place! HAH! Jessie is going to build a shop/ storage building out back soon. [I CAN'T WAIT!]

Here it is!
I am so in love with this piece!
Don't you love it too?

Here is the stool:

Before: just a plan stool that was in need of some lovin'

Take the legs off like so

recover the seat. I'm not gonna lie this was a lot more difficult that the bench seat. I seriously wrestled with it all over my living room.

Spray painted the legs, then screwed them back on.
TADA cute little stool. That I have no place to put so it's for sale! haha

Hope you enjoyed these, and I hope this inspired you in someway. If you see a piece of furniture that need some lovin, don't be afraid to buy it and make it your own. It's fun and VERY cost efficient vs buying something expensive from pottery barn [which I love love love but can't afford]
Get craftin'! Go on!!!

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