Friday, June 3, 2011

Anthro Acid Mirror

Acid Mirror inspired by Anthropology*

Stephanie Raye & I made perfectly new mirrors look vintage and antiqued. [{(You can see her blog HERE)}] Now you all know how I can not take a good picture to save my life so bare with me and enjoy these as much as you can. We had fun doing this & learned some tips to share about what NOT to do....
What not to do when using epoxy remover & acid:
1. do not wear a long flowing skirt
2. do not wear sandals
3. do not buy cheap epoxy remover, cause it will take all day & you will have to make multiple trips to the store for more.
4. do not place small mirrors on a piece of cardboard without something heavy to hold it down, the wind will blow and they will fly away and break on the concrete.
Don't ask me how we know.... just head my words of wisdom!

Here is your tutorial I super duper like Mady from vintage revivals, you should check out her blog as well!

One day when Steph isn't crazy busy working hard, then she will blog about our experience and I will share it with you here. She took awesome pictures as we went along & I even snapped pictures with her camera ( prove to the world that it's not my fault my pictures are crap, it's my cameras)
Until then....
Here are a few bad pictures I took of my AMAZING mirrors:


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