Friday, July 8, 2011

Home made duvet cover

So a long time ago I told you all I was going to make a duvet cover.
Well.... I still haven't done it! AHH! I know I know
I really want to But Goodness I have been busy!
Between being pregnant with #3, hosting a baby shower, hosting a wedding shower, holidays, making a GAZILLION pillows for my sweet friend who just bought a new house & everything else I do all day I haven't gotten around to it. I know lazy right?
:) haha

My awesome friend Stephanie beat me to the punch (it was her idea anyways) We totally feed off of each others creativity and craftiness and awesomeness (ok, well I just steal her awesomeness and call it my own) haha ;) Cuz I heart her!

So...check it out!

Home made duvet cover!
Go! Go check it out now!
and love her blog like I do!!!

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