Saturday, August 13, 2011

Ruffle duvet cover

Isn't it AWESOME???
I think so too! I am so glad to finally be done with it,  I was kinda intimidated by this project so I put it off...for months...  haha I know Loser right? I only took me 3 nights to do it. (Nights meaning, after a put my kiddos to bed, spent some time with my hubby and worked on it) You could easily make this in one day, so don't be intimidated (like I was)

My bed is a King size so it got a lil tricky towards the end with more and more ruffles. BUT totally worth it.
I had a love hate relationship with this duvet. Now I'm totally in LOVE but there were times when I hated it.

another view with my crappy camera (don't be thinkin' it's the photographer!)

Here is a tutorial: By my friend Steph (and she has great pics cause she is amazingly talented)
                                                                              HERE -->you might have to scroll down her page a bit

Go make one for your bed! You will be happy you did!!!

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