Thursday, December 1, 2011

its beginning to look a lot like Christmas...

hi there. I'm Sam, Ashleys friend, your guest blogger this week.  I'm mom to 2 sweet girls, E & M. We love to bake, play dress up and dance in the kitchen - what can I say, we're girly!

Now that its December, we have decorated our house with holiday cheer and this year added a new favorite item: paper rosettes!

pretty, right???

I learned how to make these a few months ago and have made them for all kinds of celebrations ever since! A baby shower, halloween, a going away party and now Christmas - what can I say, I like them. They are super easy to make too, bonus! How about a little tutorial?

you'll need to gather a few things:
3 sheets of paper for each rosette (I used 12x12 scrapbook sized)
paper to punch out for decorative center
2" hole punch
hot glue gun and/or stapler
(all of these items can be found at your local craft store)

you'll need to start by folding each sheet of paper like an accordion, until you have this:

and punching or cutting a 2inch circle of coordinating paper for each rosette
(I prefer the scalloped edge)

next, fold each accordion in half

then, staple/glue the ends of your pleated paper it to itself on what will be the back side (hope this makes sense) [if your paper gets a bit wrinkled, no worries - just fold along the creases again]
before you flip it over - glue your ribbon to one little spot so you can hang it

last, flip it over, glue your punched out paper to the front

and voila, a perfectly made rosette for your holiday decorating!!

you can also make these for Halloween:

or a baby shower:

They are fun and easy! Hope you are soon headed to your local craft store to get fun papers for your next event or holiday and make these, they will earn you points in the 'wow' factor department! Happy crafting!


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