Friday, April 29, 2011

Got a Fever?

Fever Fighter

If you didn't know I am kind of an aspiring herbalist. I wanted to share my latest Victory over Fever! Last Friday Mason had a pretty high fever. My mother in law was watching him while I took Ella on a Mommy Daughter Date. When our date was over we picked Mason up and my mil told me she took his temperature and it was 102. We came home and right away I started making a herbal medicine for him. I used equal parts Yarrow flowers, elderberries, and peppermint, simmered in glycerin for 2 hours. It had to cool to room temp for about an hour. In the mean time Mason was asleep in my bed and was burning up. I'm sure it went up from when my mil took his temp. but we don't use a thermometer here. To me it doesn't matter if a fever is 100 or 104 I want to get to the bottom of it and get rid of it! FYI: Fever is a symptom not the problem. Usually in little children a fever is a result of a bowl obstruction. After the medicine was cooled I gave him two small doses. Within an hour or so the fever was completely GONE! The next morning Mason had one nasty diaper, But he felt great and back to his healthy self! The herbal medicine {glycerite} filled two bottles and is shelf stable for 2 years. So next time one of my Little's has a fever it's ready to go and I won't have to bother making it again.


I can not stress the importance of alternative medicine. God put us on this earth, surely he gave us what we need to overcome illness. 

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