Saturday, September 3, 2011

Yarn Wreath with Felt Flowers

I L-O-V-E this wreath and am sad to say this picture doesn't do it justice at all.
I wrapped it in yarn and added two felt flowers, with super cute buttons!

For the wreath select ANY color yarn you would like & start wrapping! every 10 or so wraps hot gun it in the back to secure it. Make sure you are wrapping it TIGHT! If you think you are wrapping tight....Pull TIGHTER! seriously, I thought I was wrapping tight and it started looking horrible and I realized I wasn't pulling it as tight as I needed to. Really thought, it's that simple....wrap tight and hot glue every so often.
[Sorry I have no pictures for that but surely you get the point right? hope so]

Now for the felt flower tutorial....
you didn't think I would keep that from you did you??
NO way I heart you too much not to share!

Here we Gooooooo......

You need 3 different sized circles
My orange circles to the right are the card stock I used to cut the felt. How did I make my orange circles? I found 3 things that were circular shaped that I could trace. Just be sure that all three sizes to together well.
Cut out 3 small circles, 5 medium circles & 5 large circles

Large needle & crochet thread [both leftovers from the Fall wreath]

Take one large circle and a little bit into the circle stitch
Up down Up down
[seriously it's that easy & I really do say it out loud! HAH]

Here is a bad up close but ya get the point
Up down Up down
This is creating the pedal shape

Repeat for all 5 big circles
Once you have done all five, pull the thread and create your flower shape

Now that your first layer of pedals is in shape it's time to add the 2nd row which is the medium circles
You will do the same thing as far as Up down Up down does BUT, did you hear that? BUT stitch THROUGH the first big pedal & then insert your medium pedal. So that the big pedal & medium pedal are cupped into each other. This makes for a more stable flower.

Same Up down Up down But INSIDE the larger pedal and sewed to it!

Now I kinda forgot to take a picture of the last row, which is the smallest pedal but it is the SAME
Up down Up down as before ONLY this time you do it just like you did the first row. So they ARE NOT ATTACHED to the others. Remember there are only three, so you want to be able to arrange them without them being stabilized to the other rows.
Then just sew a super cute button onto the middle.
Make sure you end with your thread on the bottom to you can tie it off & cut.

That's it!
Easy huh?

Cute HUH?
[bad pic I know, I know]

I did the same for the white flower just used different sized circles.
To be completely honest I didn't realize how big the gray one was gonna, GIGANTIC! hah I still love it though.

Use this felt flower tutorial for all kinds of projects... If you made smaller ones they would be SUPER CUTE on a headband, or hair clippy or pin...possibilities are ENDLESS my friend!

Happy Crafting!


  1. Ashley...your wreath is absolutely adorable and the tutorial was great...may have to try my hand at this! Keep your adorable projects coming!