Friday, March 25, 2011

Craft: Potato Stamps

Potato Stamps!
Here is what you need: Paper, paint, paint brush, potatoes (each potato makes 2 stamps), a knife

Cut the Potato in half, take the knife and carve a picture/design. Make sure to cut the design out of the potato about a half of an inch to an inch thick.
Here are the ones I did

Heart, fish, cross, and flower. (now I'm sure most of you out there will have better carving skills than I, so have fun with it and be creative!) But also be SAFE!
[I wouldn't recommend the children carving the potatoes]

Now for the Fun part!
Paint your potato stamp

Then Stamp away!

Here are all our stamps

You can make them into cute pictures, cards, or place mats!
You can even decorate shirts (using the correct paint of course)
Ella had a blast and I'm sure your kids will too*


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