Sunday, March 27, 2011

How to build a garden Box

Today At The Hatley House we made a garden box and planted vegtables!
Here is what we did:

We had garden soil dumped this morning.
{Make sure to call around for the best price, we even got free delivery!}

Jessie bought 2- 2x12 that were 16ft long for the length of the garden box, then a 2x12 that was 10 ft. long that he cut in half for the width of the box. So all and all our garden box is a 16x5
He nailed it all together, then placed an All natural weed liner on the bottom. It lets moisture out but prevents weeds from growing up. The wood and the liner cost about $32, not bad at all!

here is a picture of the box with the liner

Now just add Dirt!

It's VERY important for the whole family to work together. Our littlest even helps in family projects. Even at this young age he feels valuable to our family and proud to help out. Although he is just learning by example right now by following Daddy around we do give him jobs that he can do and praise him for being such a great helper! There is NO small job in a family, everyones role is important and valuable!

Keep on adding dirt

Spread the dirt evenly, leaving about two inches

You can start planting, BUT first think about the order in which you should plant your garden. Also think about the direction of the sun through out the day. You don't want plants shading others that need full sun light. {It is a Great investment to check out gardening books at your local library or buy books on Gardening from a half priced book store to learn from,(another great place to find books about gardening is at yard sales!) Jessie and I have been reading like crazy to find out just how we should go about growing our garden}

We bought seeds and planted them first in a plastic little greenhouse we bought from Wal-Mart.

Here they are sprouted ready to go into the Garden Box

Jessie is planting them!

Here is a tip: Before planting your tomato plant wrap the roots in a banana peel, the tomato will flourish from the nutrients it gets from the peel.

Here it is, our Garden!
We are so excited about it! Although it is a "baby" garden it is our first, so there is much learning to come this next year!

Happy Gardening!


  1. I love this post! I actually started planning our own raised bed vegetable garden today before seeing this! Thanks for the tip on the tomato roots in the banana peel. I will definitely use that! Good luck! Can't wait to see updated pictures of your growth!

    -Danielle Goodrum

  2. I love that fact that you are gardening in a skirt! You and your family are just super adorable! I hope your garden grows great!