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WOW! This book is so AMAZING I had to share it with you! The title: Nourishing Traditions by: Sally Fallon "The cookbook that challenges politically correct nutrition and the diet dictocrats"

This book is packed with information about nutrition as well as tons of great recipes.
Here is some exerts that I thought were very interesting.....

Fish: "Fish is the health food, par excellence (except, of course, for those who are allergic to it) When Dr. Weston traveled throughout the world, studying traditional peoples on native diets, he discovered that those who ate seafood had the best health, as revealed by their freedom from caries, width of palate and general state of well-being. Fish eaters had thicker bones and better skeletal structure than groups that ate red meat, with vegetarians placing third.
Consumption of fish promotes excellent growth and bone structure; it also protects from degenerative diseases so prevalent in this modern age.......All ocean fish are excellent sources of macro and trace minerals, particularly iodine and zinc.

Poultry: "As Americans have cut back on red meat, chicken has played an increasingly important role in the nation's diet. Although chicken is a perfectly good source of animal protein, frequent chicken consumption requires a cautionary note. First of all, we must be careful of the source of chickens we buy. Battery-raised chickens are subjected to crowded living conditions and often substandard feed; they require frequent doses of antibiotics and growth hormones to reach adulthood. Many develop CANCERS and these cancerous chickens are not necessarily discarded. According to researcher Virginia Livingston Wheeler, these cancers can be transmitted to humans. We advise you to find a source of organic, cage-free or pasture-fed chickens, which is becoming more available directly from farmers and in our markets and is worth the additional price.
Secondly, we warn you against eating chicken-even pasture-fed chicken-to excess. Any food eaten to the exclusion of others can lead to allergies, food addictions and adverse reactions. This is true of meats as well as vegetables, dairy products and grains. ......vary your source of animal protein between poultry, fish, game and red meat."

Beef & Lamb: "Politically correct nutrition has singled out red meat-beef and lamb- as a major contributor factor, or even the main cause, of our two greatest plagues-heart disease and cancer. Consumption of these meats has dropped in recent years, but the incidence of both heart disease and cancer continue to climb. The dangers inherent in red meat are due, we believe, to modern methods of raising cattle. Most commercially available red meat comes from animals that have been raised in huge feedlots on grains laden with pesticides--or worse on soy feed which is too high in protein and therefore toxic to their livers--injected with steroids to make their meat tender and treated with antibiotics to stave off infections that inevitably result from poor diet and crowded conditions."

Organ Meats: " Almost all traditional cultures prize organ meats for their ability to build reserves of strength and vitality. Organ meats are extremely rich in fat-soluble vitamins A and D, as well as essential fatty acids, important very-long-chain super unsaturated fatty acids and the whole gamut of macro and trace minerals. Wild animals eat the organs of their kill first, thus showing a wisdom superior to our own."

Ground meats: "Ground meats are fine as long as they are fresh and the meat is of good quality....."

These are just little exerts from the book. I really don't have the time to type the whole book, so please get your own copy TODAY! It is Full of knowledge and great healthy recipes!

Tonight, At The Hatley House we had baked Salmon (wild, from the Great U.S.A), kale, and sauteed apples with cinnamon. YUMMY! The whole family loved it! I have made the decision that we will eat seafood twice a week.

Here is my salmon recipe:
salmon fillet (wild)
2tbl spoons of Un-bleached flour
1 lemon
2 tbl spoons of melted butter
Celtic sea salt (the REAL stuff, not fake!)

butter a baking dish, lay your fish skin side down, pour melted butter evenly across the fillet, salt, evenly dust the fish with the flour, sprinkle paprika on top. Bake at 350 for 10-15 minutes, then place under broiler for 1 minute (this is brown the flour and create a little crunch) *make sure not the burn your fish* (Salmon is still pinky/orange even when it's done)
Kale- Rinse and pat dry. Cut stems off and discard. Chop leaves coarsely. Place into a pan and cover with water, let simmer in the water until leaves are wilted. (about 10 minutes) Drain well, place in a dish and add butter(not margarine)  and sea salt. Yum!        


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