Thursday, March 17, 2011

Crafts for Toddlers*

We made these two crafts yesterday and wanted to share....

flowers & vase-   egg carton, pipe cleaner, markers, construction paper, scissors, empty toilet paper roll, glue

cut out 4-5 "eggs" from the carton, cut slits and pull down to make a tulip looking design, have your little one color the flower inside and out. Using scissors make a hole in the middle, push the pipe cleaner through and make a knot. {You can add leaves to your stem using more pipe cleaner} Decorate your "vase" (toilet paper roll) with construction paper or markers. TADA! A spring bouquet 

Lil Chick-A-Dee- yellow & orange construction paper, paper fasteners, pencil (for tracing), marker (for eyes)

On yellow construction paper trace your child's hand, then cut out. Trace a circle (I used the top to an empty coffee can) cut out orange feet and beak. Glue the feet onto the back of the circle. Glue on beak. draw two eyes (I used a black marker) Then using the paper fasteners put the "wings" on. (make sure to put the thumbs up and place them behind the circle/chicks body)

And you may be wondering what my one year old was doing during this time (he isn't ready for cutting & drawing just yet....)
I had him working on something too
Using scissors I cut a hole into a free little container Ella had won from the grocery store (not too big) Then I gave Mason tons on little fuzzy colorful pom poms to stuff inside. Great for learning motor skills! He had fun and it kept him busy learning while Ella was crafting.

Of course they ended up moving to the floor, but the fun continued!

TIP: I save most of the empty toilet paper rolls we use, as well as paper towel rolls, egg cartons, coffee cans, glass jars, I keep them all in a box, cause I never know when we will use them to make something Pretty*

Happy Crafting!

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