Tuesday, March 29, 2011

Home Made-ALL natural "green" Multi-purpose cleaner

What a mouth Full that was to say!
It is true, I found a recipe for an all natural multi-purpose cleaner you can make at home!
(If you made the home made laundry detergent, then you have most of what you will need)

Here is what you need:

Empty spray bottle
(buy a new one, you will want one that has never been used before)
1 tsp. borax
1/2 tsp. WASHING soda (not to be confused with baking soda)
2 Tb. lemon juice (fresh or not so fresh)
combine with 1 cup Hot water
{a funnel could be very helpful, but I did it without}

First, I mixed borax, washing soda and lemon juice with a small whisk (or fork) then I poured it into the spray bottle. Add one cup of HOT water into the spray bottle, twist the lid on then Shake Well!
That's it folks!

[This recipe made 10 oz. of cleaner, I had a pretty big spray bottle so I doubled the recipe]

Happy Cleaning!

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  1. Ashley, your blog is SO cute! So glad I am across it!