Sunday, August 14, 2011

Dresser Redo

Jessie hauled this puppy home with the headboard he found. {remember the in our master bedroom? The white one} Well since we don't have a garage or any sort of storage it sat in our entry room for a couple months. To my defense I am pregnant and we do live in Texas and it is HOT outside!!! hahaha I know excuses excuses right?
Well, I finally got around to it & this is what it looks like NOW! YAY huh?
I was inspired by a super duper awesome site....

Here is what I did...
(& just so ya know this was my first staining project EVER...which means anyone can totally do it if I can!)

After we got started I realized we didn't take a real before picture. Boo... I wish I would have remembered cause it was UGLY! But you could still tell there was lots of potential.
We took all the drawers out & sanded. We had to use 60 grit sand paper on this bad boy!

After sanding I wiped it down with a damp rag. (totally clean the whole thing) You want to make sure you get all the dust from sanding and all the cob webs.....

After I got it all cleaned up I stained it using a dark red/mahogany stain using a brush. I put a coat on the bottom on the dresser and all of the drawers. I let it set for about 20 minutes and repeated a two more times. (so a total of 3 times) Using a small roll brush I primed the top and painted (also with a small roll brush) a nice even coat of white paint. After everything was dry I put a clear coat on all of it!
Let it dry for about 48 hours, I know sounds like a long time but ya wanna make sure it's REALLY dry!

Here it is once I bought knobs. (and yes knobs were on sale 50% off @ HL) I kinda refuse to buy knobs full price anymore so I had to wait a couple days for the sale. My husband gave me the go ahead to spend the money and buy them at full price....He said Honey, it's kinda hard to open the drawer to get my socks, why don't you just go get those knobs today!  hahahaha

I LOVE this dresser!

doesn't it look great? & it was pretty easy! I really wish I had a picture of the before to compare how yuckie it looked before so you could get the total effect. Oh well you will just have to take my word.
You might be thinkin' something is missin.... Well You're Right! It came with a mirror but I didn't want to use it. I thought it looked too amazing by itself and the huge square mirror would kill the look/idea I wanted for this piece. So I am going to buy/find a good size (when I say good size I mean BIG) oval mirror with a great decorative frame. I have a great idea in my head now it's just searching to find it! I will, I know I will.
So stay tuned to see what will appear over this Yummy dresser!

So go on, get out of here & redo something! Stretch yourself! Staining is pretty easy!

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