Tuesday, August 16, 2011

Fall wreath

*Fall Wreath*
This is what ya need:
a straw wreath
1/2 yard of brown burlap
1/2 yard of orange burlap
long needle (longer the better!)
crochet thread
glue gun

Leave the plastic on the wreath

First cut strips of burlap into 2" strips
{sorry I have no picture}

Then make a large stitch about 1/2 an inch into the strip

Next: Make the ruffle by pulling the thread through and carefully knotting the ends

Then start gluing. Alternate colors of course. It is best to start at one of the forty five degree angles. Does that make sense? Glue one strip at a time. If  you have excess burlap once you have glued the strip completely around then just cut it off, no biggy.

It will start to look like this

When you are gluing on the strips make sure to color the thread of the strip that you just did. Your goal is to not see any thread when you are done. Make sense?

Then keep on keepin on...

From this position you can see my thread but when I hold it up as if it were going to hang, you can't see it.

When you finish gluing on all the strips then cut a long piece of ribbon to hang your wreath with.
The first piece I cut was WAY too long so I had to shorten it. It is best if you cut longer than you need, make the perfect bow then cut the excess.


Happy Fall Y'all

P.S This will also make a super cute Christmas wreath! With white and red burlap & green ribbon!!!
CUTE! So You may see this again in a couple months

Go make one! You will be happy you did!
Every time I walk past the door I smile
{Now all I need is a Pumpkin Spice Latte from Starbucks}

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