Monday, August 15, 2011

Something I would like to share

This Book is AMAZING beyond words
I have read many parenting books and this is by far my favorite. I have learned so much from this book and I am only half way threw it! I have learned so much, not only from a mothers perspective but personally.
I wanted to share part of a page with you. When I read it my mouth opened wide and I literally said
"WOW that's good stuff!"

On the front side of every life is a boy or girl in a fragile state of flux
As adults, we know that those who follow the well-worn path to the base of the cross find ample room for heavy hearts and hurts that can't seem to heal. It's amazing grace that doesn't trivialize the fickle nature of our personalities. There's no condescension waiting to counter our tendencies to become easily embarrassed. There are no lectures longing to straighten out the folly of our thinking. There's no mocking of our self-conscious thoughts- just a generous Savior with a gentle heart who knows how unsure we often are about ourselves.    God doesn't "card" those who come searching for His grace. You won't find any age restriction for those wanting to travel down His path.
..... One of the great things about God's grace is the safe haven it offers to a transparent heart. He doesn't require masks in His throne room. Jesus makes people feel comfortable even when He catches them without their makeup on. When circumstances scrub off the layers of their self-confidence, their shortcomings wash away the foundation of their self-righteousness, Jesus isn't appalled by the blemishes He finds underneath. There's no sin too bad, no doubt too big, no question too hard, and no heart too broken for His grace to deal with.

Did you know that? Isn't it refreshing? Is there someone you know that could find freedom in knowing this too?

This Book is amazing in so many different ways. Please get it, read it and tell someone about it.

Grace Based Parenting by Tim Kimmel

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