Wednesday, August 17, 2011

Sushi anyone???

By the end of this blog post you can be making your own sushi at home!
exciting huh?
I'm not gonna lie at all, when I first made this at home for my Hubby I felt like a RoCk*StAr*
hahaha I know I'm a nerd and it doesn't take much to get me excited.
So Lets do this!!!

I bought all my goodies to make sushi at HEB, you could easily go to a hong kong market and get everything {and I'm sure for half the cost} But I was intimidated to go to one by myself!
Anyways, this is what you need:
a sushi mat
cling wrap {to cover your mat and tap together on the other side, so your rice doesn't stick to the mat}
sushi paper
sushi rice
rice vinegar
all the goodies you want in your sushi

We used the following:
cucumber {julienned}
crab {stick shaped, not lump}
smoked salmon
fried shrimp
cream cheese
soy sauce

You could put a hot dog in it if you wanted (don't tell me cause I will gag but whatever floats your boat)
be creative! I just got the things we usually look for when we are at a sushi restaurant

First: cook the sushi rise the way it says on the package. I found out that 2 cups of UNCOOKED rice would cook up to be about 5 sushi rolls, just an FYI

Have everything you want to use in your rolls out and ready to go

Like this!
{P.S check out that belly!}

Now lets make some sushi!

Put the shiny side of the paper down on the mat

Keep a bowl of cold water close by
get your fingers wet before grabbing the rice (it's STICKY!)

See, Sticky!

Spread your rice out to make a thin layer of rice all over the sushi paper

It should look like this!

My first roll is a California roll so I want the rice on the outside of the roll, so I will need to FLIP this

Gently pick it up & flip!

Rice is now on the bottom which will mean it will be on the OUTSIDE
I am now realizing I missed taking a picture here Oops..
Now is when you would put your filling it. Put it on the bottom third of the roll closest to you. Since I was making a cali roll I put cucumber, crab & avocado
Now roll up the first roll to cover all of the filling and give it a good Squeeze!
Like this:

See the first roll
Now just keep on rollin'

The very last roll you want to roll backwards and give a good squeeze

A cali roll!


Looks just like the real deal huh?
and taste just as YuMmY!
Now make another

Repeat the first few steps:
shiny side of paper down
wet fingers
spread rice

This roll the rice will be on the inside
See how I am putting all the goodies on the bottom third closest to me?
[This is what I was talking about earlier]

First roll and squeeze

keep rollin

Last roll, roll back towards you and squeeze
then cut


Some of the rolls we made:
Cali roll: cucumber, crab, avocado
Jessie roll: smoked salmon, cucumber, jalapeno, avocado
Ashley roll: fried shrimp, cream cheese, avocado
Everything roll (not featured in the above picture) : smoked salmon, crab, avocado, cream cheese, jalapeno, cucumber

Use anything you want! Have FuN! and Enjoy!!!

Leave me comments when you do yours!


*and a special thanks to my mommy friend Florence for teaching me the day before*

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