Saturday, April 9, 2011

Sweet Dolls

These are my "Sweet Dolls" (also known as wooden peg dolls) We kinda gave them the sweet doll name. I bought the little wooden people at HL and painted them then put little dresses on them! Aren't they Sweet? {hints the name}
These are a little under 3 inches tall so they are great for little hands, and fit in little pockets! Ella MUST take something with her every time we leave the house, these make the PERFECT take-a-long toy! They are small, quite & require imagination---> All of which I love!
[Plus Barbie's are not allowed as a play toy here at the Hatley house and these are a great Sub]

 My sweet dear friend Stephanie [who has an amazing blog of her own, so check it out  HERE]
Gave this to us {old skool fisher price school house she scored at an antique shop} and the Sweet Dolls fit PERFECTLY! How wonderfully amazing is that?

See! They fit PERFECTLY!

Now this is FUNNY, this is a side view of the school house. See the people? They totally look like they could be related to our Sweet Dolls! HAH! GET OUT! This was just icing on the cake! What a Great match, like it was sent from Heaven!

So make some sweet dolls of your own, or you can ask me for them! If you are a close friend and have little girls I am Sure you will be getting some soon!

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