Tuesday, April 19, 2011

It's coming along...

Many have asked so now I'm showing you....
Here is what I am doing.... I really can't believe I am showing you these things before I am done (YUCK!) but many of you have asked what I am up to so.....here it is....
{I am Super-D-Duper excited that so many are interested, blesses my little heart to know someone actually reads this!!!}

[{(This POST will show you all kinds of things going on At The Hatley House)}]

I have been a Busy little painter....

Ella's Room:
 Here is Ella's bed with the quilt her great great grandmother handmade. Check out the PINK walls! I am going to sew some extra fabric {that looks just like the bed skirt} to the quilt to make it a little bit longer, this quilt was probably made for a twin bed not a full. I think it will be cute cause it will create a ruffle effect!

Here is another view of Ella's bed. Did I mention this bed was Jessie's mom's when she was a little girl? well it sure is! It has been sitting in the exact room she grew up in until a few months ago. Neat huh? 

This is Ella's playroom {Yes, she has her own playroom off of her room, i know...crazy her room is almost as big as ours!} This room is painted a very pale pink. I am going to stencil this wall using the darker pink (color of her bedroom) I will do this next week. I am still looking for the right stencil. 

 This is a wall in Ella's room. All white picture frames, all her art work. -Pretend that dresser is gone & the mess on it- The dresser is actually a changing table. We are moving it into our bedroom nook and PAINTING it, because we are expecting again!!!

This is Ella's tee-pee via canton! She wanted me to add this. It's been a lot of fun and folds up nicely to save room!


I am so excited about this!
It's a pie safe from Jessie's great uncle. I am almost finished painting it! The paint was left over from a project my mil was doing a year ago. AWESOME color huh? So total this project was &FREE$
which makes it that much More prettier!
I will post a picture when it is completed. I still can't believe I am showing you all my mess!

This is Mason's new chair so he can join us at the table. This was actually Jessie's grandmothers highchair from when she was a baby! Cool huh?

These are the drapes my friend Stephanie Raye Ngo gave me! I just had to do some hemming and TADA amazing! What a sweet friend huh? She has an amazing blog as well check it out HERE

This was on sale at HL for 2 dollars so I bought it. I'm gonna do something with it, just dunno yet. And yes it is really hanging on my door like this! HAH!

Jessie brought this table back with him one day from visiting his great uncle, because he wanted something to put his drink on! haha Every time we visit his great uncle or grandmother we never leave without something! They are such givers! It's a huge blessing, and sometimes quite funny the stuff they give....
So I'm thinking...when you see this table again it might be purple. We shall see

This is the other side of our bed. A awesome looking trunk and a record player that looks like a suitcase! Neat huh? I really like this! It's missing something....maybe I will find a great lamp? who knows!

This is one of my favorite areas in the house. It's our "Mud room area" I love the way the window looks like a craftsman window. Jessie added the piece of wood with the hangers. We had the trunk (on sale at target) which holds all of our shoes, and the shelf was given to us from.....you guessed it Jessie's great uncle! I just painted it white!

Here is the twin window and shelf on the other side of the back door. I love these shelves. I saw this in a Martha Stewart magazine and literally these shelves had been laying on the floor for a week while we stepped on, over, around them before I saw this GREAT idea for them! Oh and that piece of furniture you also see in the picture, well it's another record player! It's a big one and awesome! We have three total and they all work!

Oh my goodness are you ready for this one?
Check this out! Isn't it AMAZING? I LOVE LOVE LOVE this couch!
Steph found it at goodwill and took it home and it was too big for where she was wanting it to go. So sad for her, I told her I would buy it and she could come visit it at my house that way she could still see it. ha ha ha I know we're nerds. So guess how much this was? whatever you're thinking you are WRONG! Cause it was 30 dollars! HAH! I know!

This is what it looks like up close:
One word: YUMMY

There you have it, all the crafty crafts going on At The Hatley House. I hope you enjoyed this Mess of a sneak peak! I will post pictures of the finished projects! Sorry It has taken so long (I only have million things I'm working on at one time!) but now you know what I have been doing!

There are many many many more crafts & redoes & re-purposing to come...

Hope something has inspired you!

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