Saturday, April 16, 2011

411 on the Hatley House Lately

A lot has been going on around here and I'm sorry to admit that my pride and joy blog has taken the blunt end of things.  There are many crafty crafts going on so I promise it is worth the wait. All crafts aside we have just been stinkin BUSY {I know, as if we are the only ones}

This past week alone, within 3 days I went to two services to mourn/remember two sweet babies that went to see Jesus far before their time. My heart has been so heavy this week for those mothers. A mothers worst nightmare is to loose a child. One sweet baby was my nephew Mitchell Beaux Hatley, he was only here 6 short days but my goodness was he loved so much in that short period of time. He left behind a twin sister Charlotte. The other baby was my dearest friend Kim's little girl, Adelaide (don't you just LOVE her name!) She was precious beyond belief. My friend Kim and her husband Jared make the prettiest children! Adelaide was 3 months old when she went to Heaven. She also leaves behind a twin brother Jacob, big brother Asher and big sister Evangeline (I know, all great names huh?) If you could join me in prayer for both these families, they would greatly appreciate it.

If only my anguish could be weighed and all my misery be placed on the scales! It would surely outweigh the sand of the seas- Job 6:2-3

He heals the brokenhearted and binds up their wounds. Psalms 147:3

I do have many things I want to share with you in the next few days that I think you will enjoy (or at least I hope you will)
For today this is it.
Find a way to be a blessing to someone today.
PRAY for someone other than yourself {God loves to hear his children pray for each other}


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