Thursday, April 28, 2011

Bet ya didn't know....

What is the most toxic food we consume?

Yup, Strawberries!

I have only been sharing fun paint and craft projects but haven't shared much wisdom lately. Strawberries are the most toxic food we Americans consume. Why is that? Well most of our strawberries come from California. The state of California made it legal to use Methyl Iodide on strawberry crops. Scientist consider this to be "The most dangerous chemical known to man." So why would it be legal to spray it on our strawberries we eat?

Here is some info from a health website,

It’s springtime again and soon it will be summer and children across the country will be enjoying one of their favorite fruits — strawberries. Unfortunately, due to a poor decision last year by the California Department of Pesticide Regulation and outgoing Governor Arnold Schwarzenegger, America’s children will continue to be exposed to the toxic pesticide methyl iodide. [1]
Known as “one of the most toxic chemicals on earth”, methyl iodide is a proven cancer causing agent as well as an endocrine disruptor and powerful neurotoxin. Allowing it to be sprayed on one of America’s favorite fruits will endanger our children who eat them, farm workers and local residents in California.
Already banned in New York and Washington because of its toxic properties, the Environmental Protection Agency (EPA) is now reviewing the 2007 Bush era decision to approve methyl iodide for agricultural usage. The EPA is asking for comments from the American public in helping them make the decision on whether or not to ban this toxic chemical for agricultural use.
More than 50 scientists criticized the 2007 approval stating that the review process was hidden from the public and the focus of the research was too limited. There is little left to debate on the safety and necessity for this chemical use.

Here is some info from

NaturalNews) In a time of intense propaganda about food safety, California recently approved the use of a chemical regularly used to create cancer in lab animals for use on strawberries that will be shipped around the world. The chemical is methyl iodide and some scientists call it the most dangerous chemical known to man. Scientists use protective gear when using it in the lab because of the cancer risk and the chemical's easy ability to damage our DNA. Of course, damaged DNA leads to problems for the holder of that DNA, and for all future generations that inherit it too. The chemical is also known to cause brain and reproductive damage, so it's a move that California has made to ensure strawberries will be about as unsafe as possible.

It's also a move that calls into question what exactly food safety is all about. In a lot of minds, having produce that isn't grown in a toxic soup of poisons would be a very logical first step. Getting rid of factory farms that improperly feed and drug the animals, pollute the air and water, and turn out diseased animals would be another logical step. Instead, the government supports these activities and allows even more toxic chemicals into our food supply, like methyl iodide - in spite of consumer and scientific community protest.

I don't want you to take my word for it, look it up for yourself. Always do your own research!

So what should you do? Always VOTE! buy from local farmers or grow your own!

Please know what you are putting in your mouth!

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