Thursday, April 28, 2011

Current projects!

There is always something going on around the Hatley House.
Take a look:

Ella's new desk. {desk was free, paint left over from her playroom=AWESOME!} There is chalkboard paint on top & drawer labels

closer view

even closer so you can get a look at the drawer label

Ella testing out the chalkboard paint. She loves it!

Here is my next painting project. This is an awesome bench and I have great things planned for him. {and yes this is a Him} The bench seat actually raises for storage inside. YAY! I will paint him and cover the seat. Stay tuned!

This guy is for sale! I love him very much but there is NO room in my house for him. I'm sad but I promised him I would find him a good home with a great family that would cherish him. It really is an amazing piece of furniture. [I'm just bad at taking pictures, cause this picture does NOT do it justice] It's called a dry sink. It actually matches my buffet, which I heart. It has a pull out drawer and two cabinets. This is one solid piece ladies. If you are interested let me know.

another example of my horrible picture taking.....

Happy furniture hunting!

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